“Precisely as Picked”… Spotlight on the Fuller Garden at FW Botanic Gardens


It has been a year since our last wedding in the Fuller Garden inside the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. It was the first time Rhonda (me) had worked with my assistant for almost a year, Kendra when she still worked for another (to-remain-nameless) company. It was a beautiful day, and the gardens were in great shape (aren’t they always), but we only have a few snapshots of the day (can you believe that?).  The one attached is one I was able to get just after the processional. Event a person with no photography skills can shoot a beautiful photo out here (but the real photographers can do ah-mazing things). 

It was not just Kendra’s work anniversary (Oh, and Happy Anniversary Lisa!) on the horizon that brought this beautiful ceremony venue to my mind, it was the fact that we have booked another Fuller Garden wedding. This one for next fall. So in the spirit of keeping that current in everyone’s mind, we have put this specific garden in our “Precisely as Picked” spotlight.



The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens have a number of various venues for all size wedding parties (from just a handful such as the small houses in the Japanese Garden to a max of 450 in the Grove). We have done a number of weddings in the “Moon Viewing Deck” with a reception in the Japanese Pavilion, and we might spotlight that in another series for “Weddings and Receptions in one location”, but right now we want to focus on the Fuller Garden in particular.

The Fuller Garden is one of the most recognized gardens. When googling the Botanic Gardens, you will see a number of weddings there. Therefore, it is in high demand. The rentals are in 2 hour time blocks (starting at 10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm). The rate is $450 plus a $150 deposit. We would suggest doing a 4 hour block if you plan to have any large decor items.  Along with the rental, you will receive a photo pass, so that you may take photos throughout the gardens (to be used on wedding day) as well as rentals (chairs – which must be rented from the Garden at $5 each and a Bride’s room which is about $100 for the 4 hour slot.

  There are a number of expected regulations as this is a well-maintained ecological area. It is also important to note that this garden is not completely closed to the public, but only roped off. We have had a few people wandering into the path of the wedding party as the process in. Still, it is secluded enough that most people are quite a ways from the actual ceremony area.

Because you can seat 250 people in the garden area, it is a great outdoor option for anyone wanting to have the full garden appeal.  The exact plantings change from season and season and year to year, but even in the winter, it is still quite beautiful.


For more information, it is best to call 817.392.5510 or email here.

Written by: Rhonda Baker, CEO

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