“Precisely as Picked”… Spotlight on Creme de la Creme Bakery

Creme de la Creme Storefront

Creme de la Creme 6511 E. Lancaster, Fort Worth

The Creme de la Creme bakery started from owner Jamie Holder’s home 17 years ago. As the business grew they first moved into the City Club  and then to their current location on E Lancaster Ave in Fort Worth.

They truly are able to create something delicious for any event, however 90% of their cakes are for weddings in the DFW area where they do about 6 weddings every weekend. They recently made a life size replica of a bride’s wedding dress, and transported it to Oklahoma…an amazing feat of both cakery and engineering. They’ve also done an intricate “life maize” 3D saddle with fully sugar stirrups. They custom design all the parts of their amazing cakes and have 30 regular flavors to choose from, although they are welcome to try to flavors for their clients. Jamie really captures brides’ vision through their dresses, Pinterest boards as well as from anything the client draws her inspiration.

CdlC Workspace

where the magic happens

Creme de la Creme has open houses where anyone can come and check out their beautiful shop and taste 10-12 of their best favors. NOTE: THE NEXT ONE IS THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014! If you want to get more information, visit their website, www.cremedelacremecatering.com, or have a 1 on 1 meeting with Jamie and/or her team by calling for an appointment, (817) 492-8888.

Tastings? Your bet! You can set up a tasting to sample 9 flavors from their tasting board (Jamie’s favorite combination is white cake with blackberry cream cheese icing). Should you book with Creme de la Creme at the end of the tasting, there is only a $200 deposit for the date which goes towards the final price. Pricing is determined by serving. Each servingstarts at $4 which includes detail such as lace or dots. If there is more intricate design, the price will increase based on the amount of detail and time it requires. Once you have booked, Jamie will reach out to you about 3 months before the event to set up a 1 hour meeting to put in your final requests. If you still aren’t sure about flavors, you can try 4 of your favorites at this meeting!

complete and delivered cake

Completed Work of Art for our Very Happy Client

Then 2 weeks out, all numbers and changes will be finalized and you will be confident that you will have an amazing cake for your event. 3 days before the big day, the cake is brought to life by being baked, crumb coated, and decorated without ever being frozen. Delivery and set up is a flat fee of $50 and you don’t have to worry about bringing anything back to the bakery after because its all yours! The team will even put real flowers on the cake at the venue for no charge, just order the flowers from your florist and they’ll be beautifully placed to complete your masterpiece. The staff is also very familiar with many venues in the area and will work great with their staff and know how your cake will fit. Venues such as the City Club, Ashton Depot, Piazza and Te Modern all love to refer Creme de la Creme to their clients. If you want your dream cake, this is the place to go!


Impressive Cowboys Stadium cake


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