“Precisely as Picked”… Spotlight on Gil’s Elegant Catering

0054Gil'sLooking for a truly customizable catering experience tailored specifically for your big day? Then look no further than Gil’s Elegant Catering!


Gil’s Elegant Catering is a unique catering company in that it is constantly evolving through interactions with their clients. Jackie Hickey is the Director of Sales and Marketing and she will work with you to ensure that your special day is just the way you imagined it. Gil’s “strives to make each event special” with a large emphasis on understanding you and your theme. Jackie really wants to know about you and your fiancé so that your love story can be weaved into the food and the display. Jackie will work with the bride from the first initial email to the day of her event.

Gil’s has from three to five events every Saturday but Jackie tries to go to every event. Gil’s loves it when clients bring in family recipes cause it helps to make the day truly special. A lot of client recipes have been added to their menu because they were so successful.


Gil'sGil’s places a huge emphasis on family because Gil’s began as a family company. Mr. and Mrs. Gils started Gil’s Catering 31 years ago as a private home catering business. The current owner, Steve, purchased the company 15 years ago but wanted the company to remain family oriented. This family orientation is seen in the staff at Gil’s. Gil’s has 35 full time servers and the majority of them have been with the company for a long time. A large emphasis is also placed on integrating family recipes. The family orientation at Gil’s Elegant Catering ensures you will “have a better product because we care so much”.Gil's


Gil’s Elegant Catering falls into the middle to upper price range due to the level of service and care put into every event. Gil’s offers a wide array of food choices and will do anything to fit the bride needs. Gil’s offers a farm-to-table sub-menu for brides who are passionate about freshly grown foods. Gil’s also offers a variety of food options under to Go Texan Initiative, which features only food grown or raised in the great state of Texas. Gil’s is also able to offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free alternatives in order to ensure that dietary restrictions of every guest are accounted for. The level of customization and service provided by Gil’s makes it worth the higher price. Gil's


If you are interested in hiring Gil’s Elegant Catering for your special day please contact Jackie Hickey at Jackie@GilsElegantcatering.com. Also, check out their website http://www.gilselegantcatering.com/

Written by: Eva Sheele, Intern

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