“Precisely as Picked”… Spotlight on Tastefully Yours Catering

Tastefully YoursFood that tastes every bit as good as it looks, and it looks oh, so good!

Are you looking to impress your wedding guests with some truly fantastic food? Are you and/or is your fiancé big foodies? Then look no further than Tastefully Yours Catering!Tastefully Yours


Tastefully Yours Catering is a family owned catering business run by Lisa and Andrew Huszar. Tastefully Yours was built upon Andrew’s “drive and excitement for food.” Though Andrew’s father was a classical chef in Hungary, and thus the family grew up eating classical eastern European food. Andrew himself, however, grew up in Australia, which serves as the beginning for his unique mix of culinary techniques and flavor profiles. The food is truly spectacular and is so different because of his extensive culinary background and the fact that they source local. For Lisa and Andrew, it is all about farm to table and by buying local they are able to ensure the quality of every dish they serve. “Nothing is premade and there are no preservatives.”

While Andrew does all of the cooking, Lisa runs the business side of the catering company. Lisa really listens to the bride and will work hard to make sure the food “compliments the clients and their specific event.”  A large emphasis is placed on the display and the atmosphere of the event. They do “not just putting food on the table.” Simply put, their food philosophy is “food should be complimentary, food should be conversational.” Lisa will create beautiful displays with the focus always on the food. She really listens to the bride because “we only get one shot.” At Tastefully Yours “your wedding is not just another gig.” Lisa tries to attend every catering event herself to make certain that everything is perfect and up to their standards.Tastfully Yours

Lisa and Andrew take great pride in their serving staff. Some of the staff has been with them since they started the company. Every event has a chef, a lead server, and servers. Every single event chef has studied and worked under Andrew in order to understand Andrew’s style. The staff will wear black on black unless the bride has a special request.

I love working with Lisa and Andrew because of their unbelievable passion for what they do. They take great pride in their work and really want to make everyone’s event special. Listening to them describe their food will leave you drooling. Andrew is an amazing, world-class chef (he even catered an event for Princess Diana) and creates unique flavor profiles that will leave everyone craving another bite. Lisa and Andrew will channel their passion for what they do into making your special day truly unforgettable.

If you are interested in meeting with Tastefully Yours Catering please call Lisa at 817-488-0896. For more information check out their website at http://www.tastefullyours.com/


Written by: Eva Scheele


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