“Precisely as Picked”… Spotlight on the Lawn – Hall of State at Fair Park

Continuing in the pursuit of all things outdoor weddings, I would like to chat a bit about some of the venues at the State Fair of Texas. Right now, I’m sure you are imagining BigTex2 and all the corn dogs great deals of money could buy. But, did you know that there are various spaces that are available the rest of the year. Some amazing gems that are architecturally beautiful while not so bad on the pocket book. Thank you Evan Godwin Photography for the brilliant photos, and for the calm you brought with you on that day.

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since Ginny and Nolan tied the knot there on the front lawn of Hall of State, but I can assure you that it was an amazing whirlwind of a day. With 20 mile an hour winds, and chilly temperatures it was the perfect place to bundle up in one of the blankets provided and enjoy bonding with those around. The Building adds beautiful dimension while the hedgerow creates the green inner space. The lawn is well manicured, and seats the chairs fairly flat (for a green space). We provided a green wall to cover the flag, as well as hide the entrance to the lower parking lot at the end.  

You can also see the balloons (3′ balloons on 13′ leader-poles) that provide a “ceiling-space” above the ceremony area. They also add a bit of whimsy for this very formal, black-tie event.

This is the perfect space for someone wanting an outside ceremony area with an indoor reception option close by. As a rain back up plan, we would have set the chairs in the reception space, and instituted a “space-flip” during the cocktail hour. Although it was not needed for this wedding, it has been done before. The space works well for a flip, and is an amazing plan B.

Another great space at Fair Park is the Texas Discovery Gardens. I promise to cover that in the blog in the near future, but just know that it is more of a natural/modern garden, where Hall of State is more art deco/Gatsby-esque. Both are great options, but so very different.

Happy (almost) Anniversary, Nolan and Ginny!

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Written by: Rhonda Baker, CEO

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