“Precisely as Picked”… Spotlight on The Walton Stout Band


The Walton Stout Band rocks any event!

Looking for a band to make your wedding day an event none of your guests will ever forget? Try one of our favorite wedding bands here at Precisely as Planned, the Walton Stout Band! wsb Bill Downing came up with the name for the Walton Stout Band back in the 1970s when his van broke down in front of the Walton Stout Manufacturing Company. The band was reinvented fifteen years ago and since then the Walton Stout Band has become one of the top wedding bands in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The key to the bands success is their passion for music and performing. Simply put, all ten members of the Walton Stout Band love to perform. The band also has great management and division of labor. Kristi is the lead singer of the band but her attention to detail and coordination skills make her a hit with brides when it comes to planning the entertainment for their special day. Rob plays the keyboard and is the Music Director for the band. Rob is able to create new arrangements of songs both new and old to fit the venue and crowd. wsb The Walton Stout Band mostly plays high-energy dance music, with an emphasis on today’s biggest hits. They are willing to play anything and everything but the bands main goal is to get people dancing. While most bands today play tracks, the Walton Stout Band does not, preferring for everything to be performed live. The band has over four hundred songs in their repertoire. Charles, the bass player, told me how new material is constantly being added, “We literally learned how to play “Fancy” on the drive over. If we don’t know a song, we will learn it.”  The band consists of two lead singers, a guitar player, a bass player, a keyboardist, a drummer, a percussionist, and a horn line.  All the band members are very lively and love to interact with wedding guests. The singers use wireless microphones, enabling them to move throughout the crowd. The band also has a variety of dance routines that enhance their performance.   I had high expectations going in to see the band perform for the first time, but the Walton Stout Band definitely lived up to all the hype. Everyone in the band is extremely talented of course but their personalities really make them a joy to watch. It was hilarious watching all of their dance routines and simply watching how they interact with each other. The band had so much enthusiasm and it really helped to energize the crowd.  It was a very entertaining night and I went home exhausted from all of the dancing. wsb When it comes to your special day, the Walton Stout Band is willing to do anything to meet your needs. The band wants brides and grooms to approach them with any fun ideas so that these special touches can be integrated into the night to make it truly memorable. As Rob the Music Director stated, “We are truly up for anything. If the couple has an idea, we will make it happen.” The band plays three sets with two brief breaks. The band also offers three different options for their attire: formal, black on black, and themed attire. The variety of options allows for the band to blend in with the wedding. The Walton Stout Band performs at wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, private events, and are willing to travel.   If you are interested in booking the Walton Stout Band for your special day please contact Bill Downing, owner, at http://thewaltonstoutband.com/.Walton Stout Logo   Written by: Eva Scheele, Intern

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